Benefits of Jaco

This robotic assistive device can provide several benefits:

For the user:

  • Increased independence
  • Improvement in self-reliance and self-esteem
  • Potential return to work/school
  • Increase in the number and type of tasks performed
  • Ability to contribute to household chores
  • More freedom outside of the home

For the caretaker:

  • Less activity and stress in providing care
  • Fewer hours spent caring for user
  • Flexibility in scheduling time with user

For the Insurer:

  • Reduction in the number of caregiver hours required each day
  • Potential return to work/school

Delay or stop move to assistive living facility

Typical Uses for Jaco

  • Eating/Drinking/Meal Preparation
  • Drink from glass or bottle
  • Eat with utensils
  • Open refrigerator door
  • Open cabinets and drawer
  • Make single serve coffee
  • Get ice/water from the refrigerator door
  • Operate stove and oven
  • Use microwave
  • Set dinner table
  • Put dishes in dishwasher

Personal Care/Grooming

  • Shave with electric razor
  • Brush teeth with electric toothbrush
  • Put on or adjust glasses
  • Take medications
  • Scratch an itch
  • Put on a hat
  • Apply makeup
  • Reposition legs
  • Use hair blow dryer

Household Activities

  • Open front door and sliding door
  • Get mail from mailbox
  • Pick up dropped item
  • Answer the phone
  • Feed a pet
  • Put plug into wall outlet
  • Turning a key in a door lock
  • Select an elevator button
  • Pickup objects from upper shelf or floor
  • Do laundry
  • Water plants
  • Work
  • Attend school
  • Insert USB drive in laptop

Outside the house

  • Walk the dog
  • Hold umbrella
  • Pick up items/checkout at grocery
  • Browse clothing racks
  • Handle credit card


  • Play board games/checkers/chess
  • Listen to music
  • Put on headphones
  • Read
  • Take photographs
  • Turn a page/newspaper
  • Use a tablet
  • Watch television/videos
  • Operate television remote
  • Insert disk into DVD or CD player
  • Insert USB stick into laptop
  • Smoke a cigar

Jaco Specifications

Manufactured by: Kinova Robotics, Inc
Weight: 11 pounds, 7 ounces
Construction: Hand-laid carbon fiber exo-skeleton
Power Supply: 24 Volt DC
PC Interface: USB Controller Interface
Software: Kinovasoft Version
Lift Capacity: 3.3 pounds fully extended/5.5 pounds maximum
Degrees of motion: Six
Reach: 35.4 inches
Fingertip span: 4.7 inches
Type of fingers: Under-articulated
Fingers: Two
Opposing thumb: One
Finger pads: Soft-touch silicone
Warranty: Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

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