Cristina Mathis

The arm support is making a difference in both subtle and obvious ways. I can fully extend my arm at a much higher level now. I catch myself doing things I couldn’t do before without even realizing what I am doing. Eating and drinking is the most dramatic improvement. I am surprised how much it alleviates fatigue while working at the computer all day. It definitely conserves my energy. My range of motion is definitely improving, and I continue to work on that. It feels like I am able to do more new things each week. It the little things—nuances and simple pleasures—that bring a sense of normalcy and delight!

Sara Furguson

“Jaco is working out great. It seems like everyday I figure out something new. I definitely would be lost without it now.”


“We have been impressed with the CNAP Monitor and would suggest that it can certainly be used instead of an arterial line in some cases. It would make a great adjunct in any OR case when hemodynamic instability develops unexpectedly and one wants to continuously monitor BP while arterial access is gained.”


“Last year we replaced our Colin Pilot units with CNAP Monitors. They are being used as part of a longitudinal study that includes measurement of changes in blood pressure over time in young, middle-aged, and older adults. The CNAP Monitors have performed reliably and are well tolerated by our subjects.”


“The Task Force Monitor has revolutionized ease-of-use in performing and generating data both for research and clinical purposes. I am especially impressed with the amount of information gathered. As a clinical fellow at the NYU DyTestsautonomia Center I did comparative analysis using this equipment to look at cardiac output and stroke volume and found it to be quite accurate. And the report generated is very informative.”


“I think the CNAP is great device. I have had extensive experience using the Ohmeda 2300 and the Finometer. I will continue to use our CNAP devices in more controlled acute studies because of its ease of use and accuracy. We are also very appreciative of the support from CNSystems and Partners in Medicine.”


“We chose the Task Force Monitor for a large, multi-center NIH study due to its ability to collect beat-to-beat data for heart rate, blood pressure, and baroreceptor sensitivity using novel, non-invasive technology. In addition to it’s ease of use, we have been pleased with both the data quality and the ability to easily export data.”


If we are able to obtain funding we are going to purchase your device. Based on the quality of your customer service, what I have read, and my colleague’s recommendation it is definitely the way to go.