Patient Benefit of Task Force Monitor

The non-invasive, beat-to-beat monitoring of blood pressure, Cardiac Output, and ECG can provide several benefits during tilt testing:

  • Improved Patient Safety – Earlier detection of hypotension/hypertension than oscillometric BP monitoring allows reduced or minimized patient syncope episodes.
  • Better Diagnosis of Patient Condition – collecting more data more frequently allows the physician to make a more accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition and a more targeted treatment plan.
  • More Focus on Patient during Procedure – Continuous recording, storage, and printing of all patient parameters allows the nursing staff to focus on the patient during the procedure, and not on paperwork and documentation.

Typical Uses for Task Force Monitor

Clinical Area Application
Cardiology Electrophysiology
  • Syncope Assessment (Tilt Table Tests)
  • CRT Device Optimization
  • Research
  • Syncope Assessment (Tilt Table Tests)
  • Autonomic Nervous System Function (Valsalva and Deep Breathing Tests)
  • Research
Physiology Lab
  • Intra-patient Longitudinal Studies
  • Exercise Studies

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