Starting from their Montreal basement workshop, Charles Deguire and Louis-Joseph Caron L’Écuyer, formed Kinova Robotics in 2006, and began designing and prototyping Jaco, the world’s most advanced assistive robotic arm.

The story of Jaco starts with Charles’ uncle, Jacques Forest, who was one of three brothers from Quebec afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy. Jacques was confined to a power wheelchair and could only control his left thumb. But as a passionate and lifelong inventor, Jacques, known to his family and friends as Jaco, devised and built a robotic arm attached to his power wheelchair, which allowed him to perform simple tasks previously rendered impossible by his physical state.

Charles and Louis took Jacques’ homemade arm (built from lamp parts, a bicycle cable, and windshield wiper motors!) and dramatically enhanced it to create Jaco. This arm has meant expanded independence for legions of people throughout the world and offers the promise of improved quality of life for its users and their caregivers.

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Founded in 1998, CNSystems Medizintechnik AG is an Austrian company specialized in the development of non-invasive medical devices designed for the real-time evaluation of medical conditions which are characterized by rapid and short-term changes in cardiovascular hemodynamics and autonomic parameters.

The company succeeded in revolutionizing cardiovascular and autonomic assessment with its Task Force® Monitor. This device provides continuous ECG, blood pressure, cardiac output, heart rate variability, total peripheral resistance, and baroreceptor sensitivity. Typical applications include tilt table testing, autonomic testing, bi-ventricular pacemaker optimization and research.

CNSystems has also established a method of providing non-invasive, beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring in Surgery, the EP Lab, and the ICU with its new device, the CNAP™ Monitor 500. Continuous blood pressure values and waveforms (similar to an arterial line) are displayed on the CNAP Monitor or an existing patient monitor.

CNSystems’ focus is in raising the level of information to physicians and decreasing pain and risk of complications for patients resulting in first class, affordable medical treatment.

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Zero One Mediline

In 1993 Zero One Mediline (01M) was established as a South Korean trading company importing chiropractic beds. By 1997 it had become a manufacturer of medical examination tables and began to export products in 2000. The company continues to expand its product lines and now offers ultrasound and TENS therapy devices.

01M’s Mission is to “Attend and assist patients and health care providers as a company that inspires joy through our supreme quality”

The company’s motto is “Speak Positively, Think Creatively, Take Initiative”

Their Core Values are:

Customer Orientation – Provide first-class service to patients, health care providers, and partners
Technology – Production of the highest quality products through continual development and improvement of manufacturing technology
Human Capital – Provide the best training and benefits for our employees who strive for self-fulfillment and company success
Contribution – Serve the world in both a direct and indirect manner by developing the finest medical equipment
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Focal Meditech

To Focal it does not matter if it concerns dynamic arm supports, care robotics, eating devices or another product: This company always works from the same uniform approach when it comes to the development of products. Listening, creating, improving is their motto.

This entails that the demand of users stands fully central. Focal listens carefully to what those demands are and does not stop, until each product is fully geared to their wishes.

The employees of Focal Meditech give their best effort to realize and deliver the best Assistive Technology products. Having dialog and contact with stakeholders and users is of great importance.

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