01 September 2015

Partners in Medicine has agreed to represent Focal Meditech and its GoWing mobile arm support here in the US. Focal Meditech is a Netherlands-based manufacturer and distributor of leading edge Assistive Technology devices. Partners in Medicine has reached agreement with Kinova, Focal’s North American distributor, to handle demonstration, installation and servicing of the GoWing in the US.
GoWing is a unique device that offers a quantum leap forward in mobile arm support technology. The device provides power assist to allow an individual who is unable to lift his/her arm the ability to eat, drink, reach, and pick up objects. This device can be used in rehab centers to offer patients assistance with strength building, range of motion, and repetitive task exercises. The GoWing can also be used by power wheelchair users at home as it mounts to the chair’s seat rail and uses the chair’s own power supply. So GoWing goes wherever the user goes.
Eric01 September 2015