01 Dec 2009

Press Release

Partners in Medicine, Inc. is pleased to announce its first sale of CNSystems’ Task Force Monitor. Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center became the first Partner in Medicine customer to purchase this system.

This acquisition was spearheaded by James Coromilas MD, Chief of Cardiology, and will be used for syncope assessment during tilt table procedures. The Task Force Monitor will allow RWJ cardiologists and electrophysiologists to display, store, print, analyze, and export patient data including ECG, beat-to-beat blood pressure, beat-to-beat stroke volume and cardiac output, total peripheral resistance, heart rate variability, and baroreceptor sensitivity.

This technology advances the diagnosis and treatment of vasovagal and neurally-mediated syncope and offers greater hope for patients suffering from this complex condition.

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Ron Borgschulte01 Dec 2009